Fuck with Fire

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Fuck with Fire
Planes Mistaken for Stars - Fuck with Fire.jpg
Studio album by Planes Mistaken for Stars
Released May 1, 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre Post-Hardcore
Label No Idea Records
Planes Mistaken for Stars chronology
Fuck with Fire
Up in Them Guts
2004Up in Them GutsString Module Error: Match not found

Fuck with Fire is a 2001 studio album by the band Planes Mistaken for Stars.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Leveless"  
2. "End Me in Richmond"  
3. "Funeral for a Friend"  
4. "Hollowpoint and Whiskey"  
5. "Bloody But Unbowed"  
6. "Fuck with Fire"  
7. "Rhythm Dies"  
8. "Sicilian Smile"  
9. "I'll See You in Hell"  
10. "Get Burned"  



  • Gared O'Donnell - vocals, guitar
  • Matt Bellinger - guitar, vocals
  • Jamie Drier - bass
  • Mike Ricketts - drums


  • Brendan Gamble