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Fujiya & Miyagi
Fujiya & Miyagi March 2017.jpg
Background information
OriginBrighton, East Sussex, England
GenresElectronic music
Years active2000-present
LabelsImpossible Objects of Desire
Yep Roc Records
Full Time Hobby
Deaf Dumb & Blind
Groenland Records
Tirk Records
Massive Advance
MembersDavid Best
Steve Lewis
Ed Chivers
Ben Adamo
Ben Faresuedt
Past membersMatthew Hainsby
Lee Adams
Matthew Collins
Matthew Avery

Fujiya & Miyagi are a British group formed in Brighton, East Sussex, England, in 2000. The current line-up consists of David Best (vocals and guitar), Stephen Lewis (synths and vocals), Ed Chivers (drums), Ben Adamo and Ben Farestuedt (bass and vocals). They have released eight studio albums: Electro Karaoke in the Negative Style (2002), Transparent Things (2006), Lightbulbs (2008), Ventriloquizzing (2011), Artificial Sweeteners (2014), Fujiya & Miyagi (2017), Different Blades from the Same Pair of Scissors (2017), and Flashback (2019). They are currently signed to Impossible Objects of Desire worldwide.


The first several years after the band's formation were spent in relative obscurity; however, they began to see a drastic spike in popularity between 2003 and 2006, thanks in large part to favorable reviews from prominent music publications such as NME and Pitchfork Media.[citation needed]

The band were also the subject of an episode of the MTV2 documentary series This is Our Music in 2006. Their song "Uh" was also featured in an episode of Breaking Bad and an episode of British sci-fi series Misfits. "Collarbone" was featured on an episode of the US adaptation of the British teen drama Skins, while "Vagaries of Fashion" was featured on an episode of How To Get Away With Murder.

"Collarbone" was also featured in Skate It and Skate 2 in 2008 and 2009 respectively as part of both game's soundtracks.


  • David Best – (2000–present)
  • Steve Lewis – (2000–present)
  • Ed Chivers – (2014–present)
  • Ben Adamo – (2015–present)
  • Ben Farestuedt – (2017–present)
  • Matthew Hainsby – (2005–2014)
  • Lee Adams – (2008–2013)
  • Matthew Collins – (2002–2005)
  • Matthew Avery – (2002–2005)


Best has explained that "Fujiya" refers to Fujiya, a Japanese manufacturer of record players, and "Miyagi" refers to the character of Mr Miyagi from the film The Karate Kid, because the two names together "just looked really nice written down. And ["Fujiya and Miyagi"] was the only name we came up with."[1]


Studio albums[edit]

Remix albums[edit]

  • Remixes (2003)


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