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University of Fukui
University of Fukui logo.png
Type Public (National)
Established 1949
President Mitsufumi Mayumi[1]
Administrative staff
1,396 (as of 2005)
Undergraduates 4,177 (as of 2005)
Postgraduates 961 (as of 2005)
Location Fukui, Fukui, Japan
Mascot None
Website [1]

The University of Fukui (福井大学?, Fukui Daigaku, abbreviated to 福大 Fukudai) is a national university of Japan located in the city of Fukui, the capital of Fukui Prefecture, Japan.


University of Fukui was established in 1949 by integrating three national colleges in Fukui Prefecture: Fukui Normal School (福井師範学校?, Fukui shihan gakkō, founded in 1873), Fukui Normal School for Youth (福井青年師範学校?, Fukui seinen shihan gakkō, founded in 1944) and Fukui Technical College (福井工業専門学校?, Fukui kōgyō semmon gakkō, founded in 1923).

The university at first had two faculties: Faculty of Liberal Arts and Faculty of Engineering.

  • 1966: The Faculty of Liberal Arts was renamed Faculty of Education.
  • 1983: Fukui University of Medical Science Hospital was established.
  • 1999: The Faculty of Education was renamed Faculty of Education and Regional Studies.
  • 2003: Fukui University of Medical Science (福井医科大学?, Fukui Ika Daigaku) was merged with University of Fukui to constitute Faculty of Medical Sciences, and then Fukui University of Medical Science Hospital was renamed University of Fukui Hospital.

Faculties and Graduate Schools[edit]

University of Fukui Entrance Gate


  • Faculty of Education and Regional Studies (教育地域科学部)
  • Faculty of Engineering (工学部)
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences (医学部)

Graduate Schools[edit]

  • Graduate School of Education and Regional Studies (教育学研究科)
  • Graduate School of Engineering (工学研究科)
  • Graduate School of Medical Sciences (医学系研究科)


  • Bunkyo (文京?, Bunkyō) Campus
Education and Regional Studies, Engineering
  • Matsuoka (松岡?, Matsuoka) Campus
Medical Sciences


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  • [2] (Japanese)
  • [3] (English)

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