Full Body Massage

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Full Body Massage
1996 VHS cover
GenreDrama, Romance
Written byDan Gurskis
Directed byNicolas Roeg
StarringMimi Rogers
Bryan Brown
Music byHarry Gregson-Williams
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Executive producersRobert Littman
Julie Ahlberg
ProducerMichael Nolin
CinematographyAnthony B. Richmond
EditorLouise Rubacky
Running time93 minutes
Original networkShowtime
Original release
  • November 5, 1995 (1995-11-05)

Full Body Massage is a 1995 American erotic film directed by Nicolas Roeg. It stars Mimi Rogers getting a nude full body massage while talking about relationships and philosophy with her masseur (Bryan Brown).


Nina, an art dealer, has her weekly massage appointment and is surprised to find out her usual masseur, Douglas, has sent a replacement named Fitch.

The pair develop an easy rapport during the session, with talk about past relationships. As Nina lies fully nude on the massage table, Fitch also takes time to explain various massage techniques, including those used by Hopi medicine men.



Mimi Rogers said Nicolas Roeg waited for her to have her baby so they shot four-and-a-half months after she gave birth. "My body was not what it usually is", she said.[1]


The film has been ironically called an American version of the French film La Belle Noiseuse, which starred Emmanuelle Béart as an artist's model who spends much of the 240-minute feature nude, discussing relationships with the artist.[2]


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