Full Speed Ahead (D.R.I. album)

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Full Speed Ahead
Studio album by D.R.I.
Released November 14, 1995
Recorded 1994-1995
Genre Crossover thrash
Length 72:44
Label Dirty Rotten
Producer Spike Cassidy
D.R.I. chronology
Full Speed Ahead
The Dirty Rotten Power
(2001)The Dirty Rotten Power2001
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Full Speed Ahead is the seventh studio album by the American crossover thrash band D.R.I., which was released in 1995. The album has been met with mixed reviews and was not successful commercially.

To date, Full Speed Ahead remains the last album of new material D.R.I. had released. After the album's release, the band had reached the conclusion they would no longer record any new music. However, they had later withdrawn the statement, recording and releasing the track "Against Me" on their website in 2003. D.R.I. would not release any material until 2016 with the EP But Wait...There's More!.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Problem Addict" 1:39
2. "I'm the Liar" 4:13
3. "Under the Overpass" 3:24
4. "They Don't Care" 4:53
5. "Drawn and Quartered" 2:30
6. "No End" 3:33
7. "Wages of Sin" 2:15
8. "Syringes in the Sandbox" 3:40
9. "Who Am I?" 0:47
10. "Girl With a Gun" 4:29
11. "Dead Meat" 4:03
12. "Down to the Wire" 3:14
13. "Level 7" 3:29
14. "Broke" 0:45
15. "Sucker" 3:31
16. "Underneath the Surface" 26:19


  • Track 9, "Who Am I?", is a re-recording of the song from their first album Dirty Rotten LP.
  • The last song, "Underneath the Surface", actually ends at 4:53. At 25:15, the song picks up again with a minute-long instrumental tune.
  • Track 4, "They Don't Care", appears in Paul Roach's section of the Bodyboarding Video "No Friends - Guilty by Association."