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Fuqua is a surname derived from a Franco-Germanic word meaning "guardian folk". The current spelling, and its variants Fuquay and Fewquay, are Anglicisations of the French Fouquet. Several Fouquets are known to have emigrated from France to the United States during the Huguenot period, including Guillame Fouquet, from whom the vast majority of the American Fuquas outside of Louisiana trace their lineage. The most common pronunciations are /few-kway/ or /few-kwa/.[1]

Notable Fuquas[edit]

The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University was named after J. B. Fuqua.[2]

The Fuqua School in Farmville, Virginia was named after J. B. Fuqua after he saved it from financial insolvency.

Lake Fuqua, near Duncan OK, and Fuqua Park in Duncan OK, both named after Herbert Breedlove (Babe) Fuqua, a famous Oil man, and Fort Worth TX politician