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Fast casual restaurant
Industry Food
Founded 1946
Headquarters San Antonio, Texas
Parent Food Management Partners
Website www.furrs.net
Furr's sign after demolition of the last Colorado location

Furr's (also known as Furr's Cafeteria, Furr's Family Dining or Furr's Fresh Buffet) is a chain of family restaurants in the United States started by Roy Furr. The first location opened in 1946 in Hobbs, New Mexico. For many decades Furr's was known for cafeteria-style dining, but has since redeveloped into buffet-style dining.

As of October 2016, there were twenty-five Furr's Fresh Buffets located throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Arizona, and Oklahoma.[1]


In 1946, brothers Roy and Key Furr founded the first Furr's restaurant, opened in Hobbs in southeastern New Mexico. A second location was opened in Odessa, Texas in 1947.

Furr's was purchased by the Kmart Corp. in 1980,[2] and subsequently sold by Kmart to Michael Levenson's Limited National Partnership in 1988.[citation needed]

In 1998 its corporate history is notable for having its board of directors ousted by an institutional investor TIAA-CREF.[3]

In 2000 the company established a new name, Furr's Restaurant Group.[4] In December 2002, Furr's closed its two locations in Las Vegas as part of a corporate downsizing plan to close 11 under-performing restaurants across the United States by the end of the year.[5][6] The company reorganized under Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2003.[7] Shortly afterward, the company was sold to a private investment firm, CIC-Buffet Partners, an affiliate of Cardinal Investment Co.[8]

In January 2014 Furr's closed several locations, including Las Cruces, New Mexico,[9] Big Spring, Texas,[citation needed] Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and Wichita, Kansas.[10] "We are closed for business," says assistant general manager Tim Arnoldussen. "It’s just a corporate decision."[11]

In June 2014, Furr's Fresh Buffet was sold to a San Antonio company (Food Management Partners), which planned to begin opening new sites.[12]


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