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Furr's sign after demolition of the last Colorado location

Furr's (also known as Furr's Cafeteria, Furr's Family Dining or Furr's Fresh Buffet) is a chain of family restaurants in the United States started by Roy Furr. The first location opened in 1946 in Hobbs, New Mexico. For many decades Furr's was known for cafeteria-style dining, but has since redeveloped into buffet-style dining.

As of October 2016, there were twenty-five Furr's Fresh Buffets located throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Arizona, and Oklahoma.[1]


In 1946, brothers Roy and Key Furr founded the first Furr's restaurant, opened in Hobbs in southeastern New Mexico. A second location was opened in Odessa, Texas in 1947.

Furr's was purchased by the Kmart Corp. in 1980,[2] and subsequently sold by Kmart to Michael Levenson's Limited National Partnership in 1988.[citation needed]

In 1998 its corporate history is notable for having its board of directors ousted by an institutional investor TIAA-CREF.[3]

In 2000 the company established a new name, Furr's Restaurant Group.[4] In December 2002, Furr's closed its two locations in Las Vegas as part of a corporate downsizing plan to close 11 under-performing restaurants across the United States by the end of the year.[5][6] The company reorganized under Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2003.[7] Shortly afterward, the company was sold to a private investment firm, CIC-Buffet Partners, an affiliate of Cardinal Investment Co.[8]

In January 2014 Furr's closed several locations, including Las Cruces, New Mexico,[9] Big Spring, Texas,[citation needed] Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and Wichita, Kansas.[10] "We are closed for business," says assistant general manager Tim Arnoldussen. "It’s just a corporate decision."[11]

In June 2014, Furr's Fresh Buffet was sold to a San Antonio company (Food Management Partners), which planned to begin opening new sites.[12]


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