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Fusion Jonda is a Puerto Rican band that blends Caribbean music with gypsy-flamenco sounds, melodies, and rhythms. The band also centers its music around Afrobeat, jazz, Arabic, and Indian music and has a contemporary approach.

As for the band's name, the word Jonda, a Spanish anachronism for deep, is related to Cante Jondo (in English, Deep Singing), which is the origin of Flamenco. The band is based on flamenco roots, and the "Fusion" comes from the Hispanic, Indian and African harmonies that they inherited in the Caribbean.


Fusion Jonda began in 2010 as a trio around its creator, musician-singer-songwriter Juan Luis Romero, percussionist Wilfredo "El Canela" Dávila, and flamenco dancer Patricia Muñiz. From Salsa music, and rock music to jazz sceneries, the music blends had not been unfamiliar to bandleader Romero, who is Puerto Rican and Dominican, and belongs to a family dedicated to music, poetry, journalism, law, and education. He studied piano and music composition at a very young age when he dreamed of producing musical interchanges between rhythms from the Antilles and Latin America. At age 13, he led his first orchestra. Afterwards, he had a jazz band, not without first being a singer for a heavy metal music band, the tenor of a Gospel music choir, chorister for the salsa legends Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, and pianist for several Tropical music bands. He has also been a lawyer since 1990.

Fusion Jonda has evolved from being a flamenco trio to a one-of-a-kind musical ensemble; an array of talented musicians from different genres like reggae, rock, jazz, salsa, and world music bringing together the seductive sounds of the violin, the crispness of the trumpet, and trombone, the modern vibes of the bass and the exotic ethnic percussion. They all share the common goal of blending their collected inspirations, creating a new, sophisticated sound. Special appearances by urban poet and rapper Javier "Insurgente" Velázquez and a tribal fusion dancer also happen during their live performances.

The band achieved its first major break in 2012 when they received an invitation to perform at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum alongside Spanish singer Rosario Flores in front of a crowd of 15,000 during the 50th anniversary of the salsa orchestra El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.[1]

In 2013, the band released Fusion Jonda, their first Homonym album on its record label, New World Latino.[2] The album was recorded in Puerto Rico and mastered in Battery Studios in New York by Mark Wilder. Moreover, the online magazine and website All About Jazz described Fusion Jonda's album as "...the perfect example of old-world vibe swathed with a new attitude yielding an exuberant production."[3]

In 2014, Fusion Jonda performed the opening acts for Latin Grammy Award winners Concha Buika at the Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center in Puerto Rico and for Bajofondo at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.


  • Fusion Jonda[4]

Band members[edit]

  • Juan Luis Romero – Music director, singer-songwriter, and guitarist
  • Nayak Vallejo – Singer
  • Javier "Insurgente" Velazquez – Rapper
  • Patricia Muniz – Flamenco dancer
  • William "Pipo" Torres – Bass player
  • Wilfredo "El Canela" Davila – Percussionist
  • Henry L. Rodriguez – Percussionist
  • Eduardo "Sabu" Rosado – Percussionist
  • Guillermo "El Profesor" Peguero – Violinist
  • Joey Oyola – Trombonist
  • Carlos Hernandez – Trumpet player



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