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Fusion Records B.V.
Parent companyFreaky Music
FounderCoen Noordendorp, Johan van Korven, Raoul van Grinsven, Michel Pollen
Country of originNetherlands
Official websiteFusion Records Website

Fusion Records is a Dutch sub-label of Freaky Music which, at first, released hard trance and hard house records, and kept growing by releasing hardstyle. After the end of Superplastik (another sub-label of Freaky Music), the artists that were signed to it moved over to Fusion Records. These artists included The Pitcher and Dozer. Fusion stopped pressing vinyl in June 2010 to "enlarge their focus on digital releases".[1]

In November 2010, the Noisecontrollers, who are, besides Zany, the most famous artists on the label, left Fusion to start a new label with Wildstylez.[2]

Fusion artists[edit]


  • Avana
  • Donkey Rollers
  • Faizar
  • Inceptum
  • Notorious Two
  • Omegatypez
  • Zany
  • Resensed
  • Tomsky
  • Dark Rehab


  • B-Front (Active, now on Roughstate Music)
  • Frequencerz (Active, now on Roughstate Music)
  • Code Black (Active, now on WE R)
  • Focuz (Active, now on WE R)
  • Toneshifterz (Active, now on WE R)
  • NitrouZ now Outbreak (Active, now on WE R)
  • Noisecontrollers (Active, now on Art of Creation)
  • Pavo (Inactive, Unknown)
  • Southstylers (Inactive project of Zany and Walt.)
  • Thyron (Parted ways with Fusion Record 29 January 2015, Because of an intern conflict with The Pitcher and B-Front, now active on Gearbox Digital)
  • Kyara (Inactive, stopped)
  • Walt
  • Feliz

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