Future Zone

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Future Zone
Directed by David A. Prior
Produced by Kimberley Casey
David Winters
Written by David A. Prior
Starring David Carradine
Ted Prior
Music by John W. Morgan
William Stromberg
Cinematography Voya Mikulic
Edited by Russ Kingston
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)
Country United States
Language English

Future Zone is a 1990 science-fiction film written and directed by David A. Prior and starring David Carradine. It was the sequel to the 1989 film Future Force.[1][2]


John Tucker, a bounty hunter comes face to face with the most dangerous ordeal of his career but he is armed (unknowingly) with his most powerful weapon yet, his son, who travels back in time to save him from a brutal gang of criminals.


  • David Carradine as John Tucker
  • Ted Prior as Billy Tucker
  • Patrick Culliton as Hoffman
  • Gail Jensen as Marion Tucker
  • Charles Napier as Mickland
  • Renée Cline as Cindi
  • Ronald Taft as Dugan (credited as Ron Taft)
  • Jackson Bostwick as Tony Ginetti
  • Dave Scott as Monroe
  • Rose Stabler as Laura Kincade
  • Don Stewart as Richards
  • Danielle Lamprakes as Barbi
  • Townsend Ellis as Williams


Was Whit Norris'[3] first ever feature film as sound mixer. [4]


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