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Güero (sometimes spelled guero, huero, or wero) (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈ(ɡ)weɾo]) is a word used in México, and some parts of Central and South America to denote a person of fair complexion (regardless of hair color), or with blond, light brown, auburn, or red hair. The feminine form is güera.


In contrast, a moreno has a dark brown or black-brown skin tone, and/or is of Amerindian or Afro-Mexican origin. The feminine form is morena.[citation needed]


The word "güero" ultimately originates from the Spanish word huero [ˈweɾo] (empty), from the phrase huevo huero [ˈweβo ˈweɾo] (an empty egg that was lost during incubation). The phrase huevo huero became associated with a sick person, and from this association came the association with the color white.[1]

Other uses[edit]

Güero may also refer to:


Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Fictitious entities
  • Guero ("Later"), a 1643 Basque-language book by Pedro Agerre
  • Guero (1970), a piano study by German composer Helmut Lachenmann
  • Guero (2005), an album by Beck
  • Guerolito (2005), a remix album by Beck, featuring all of the songs from Guero except for the hidden track, "Send a Message to Her"
  • Matando Gueros (1993), an album by the Mexican metal-band Brujeria


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