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G-Mobile (Mongolia)
Launched 2007
Country  Mongolia
Broadcast area Mongolia
Headquarters Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Website www.g-mobile.mn
G-Mobile LLC (Mongolian: Жи-Мобайл ХХК) is, as of 2008, Mongolian's newest mobile phone operator.

It is focusing its operations in rural areas. It uses CDMA2000 at 450 MHz and provides internet services with cell phones as modem or proper modem.

The company was first founded on April 2006, and has 290 employees. G-Mobile run businesses in the following businesses:

  • Render complex services of cell phone to citizens of Mongolia as well as organizations.
  • Render cheap and high speed internet services to citizens and organizations
  • Install inter-organizations and inter-office telephone networks
  • Render cluster service communication based on modern progressive technology

In 2012 WCDMA DC HSPA+ was deployed in Ulaanbaatar giving the opportunity to use the fastest wireless mobile internet service with the brand name 3.99G. Also, G-Mobile has introduced high quality voice service to its customers without any charge along with experience of deeper clarity and feeling the person speaking is close to them

The Corporation employ more than 300 workers in its 21 branches located in the centers of 21 aimags and Darkhan, Erdenet, Ulaanbaatar cities. Contracted dealers work in other soums and other settlement areas to render G-Mobile Corporation services in collaboration with Agriculture and Mongol Post banks.


A National operator of Cell phone service-'G-Mobile LLC has been established in April 2006 when it won the tender of Improvement of Rural Communication announced by Coordinating Committee of Communication within the Policy of the government of Mongolia. G-Mobile LLC paid much attention to create infrastructure of its network and install all equipment within one year. The Corporation inaugurated opening of G-Mobile network on April 21, 2007. Up to date it covered 260 soums and other settlement areas in Mongolia with G-Mobile cell phone services.

In 2008, G-Mobile was the first operator to introduce 3G technology in Mongolia and launched G-Internet phone service which is the

widest mobile internet service based on 1X, EvDo technology.For the first time in cellular communication industry, it has Introduced G-10 service which allows you to talk without a limit within the network.

In 2009, G-Mobile is established internet service subsidiary company, G-Mobile Net and satellite TV channel service subsidiary company, D-Dish. It became one of the Best 100 Companies

of Mongolia sponsored and co-organized by ICT EXPO and G-10 service was awarded “Most satisfying service” by ICT EXCPO

In 2010, It introduced Switching Option service that allows pre-paid service subscribers to switch their payment options without

switching their number

In 2011, It began launching EvDo based high speed internet network in soums and launched U-Tab devices with licensed Android operating

system which can be used anywhere within G-Mobile network. It introduce Supportive Message service

In 2012, 3.99G technology, Do Re Mi, Tugs Tuguldur post paid service are launced. It became official partner of Samsung Company
In 2013, It initiated “HD Voice” technology and Call keeping service. It became official partner of Nokia and Facebook.

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