G. K. Surya Prakash

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G. K. Surya Prakash (born 1953) is a Professor and holder of the George A. and Judith A. Olah Nobel Laureate Chair in Hydrocarbon Chemistry at the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute and Department of Chemistry at the University of Southern California. He also serves as the Director of the Institute. He is also a co-proponent of methanol economy. He was recently elected as a fellow of European academia of science for his contribution towards the Methanol Economy.[1][2] His work in fluorine chemistry has been recognized with Henri Moissan Prize. He introduced and developed triflouromethyltrimethylsilane as a trifluoromethylating reagent in organic chemistry and it is commonly called the Ruppert-Prakash regent.


  • Tolman Award (2006)
  • Henri Moissan Prize (2015)[3]
  • Eric and Sheila Samson Prime Minister's Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation (2013)[4]