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Developer(s) Mathieu Malaterre
Jean-Pierre Roux et al.
Stable release
2.6.6 / October 6, 2016; 7 months ago (2016-10-06)
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in C++, C#, Python, Java, PHP
Type Image library
License BSD License

Grassroots DICOM or GDCM (originally called GNU DiCoM; the name was changed at a request for integration in ITK, followed by a change in license), is a cross-platform library written in C++ for DICOM medical files. It is automatically wrapped to Python/C#/Java & PHP (using SWIG). It supports RAW, JPEG (lossy/lossless), J2K, JPEG-LS, RLE and deflated. It also comes with DICOM Part 3,6 & 7 of the standard as XML files. It can be used to build a JPIP or WADO server.

Since release 2.2.0 the toolkit comes with an SCU implementation for:

  • C-ECHO
  • C-FIND
  • C-MOVE

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