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GLPI: Central Console
Original author(s) INDEPNET
Stable release 0.90 / 9 October 2015; 45 days ago (2015-10-09)
Development status Active
Written in PHP
Platform Cross-platform
Type IT asset management, Issue tracking system
License GNU GPL v2

GLPI, an acronym for Gestionnaire libre de parc informatique (Free Management of Computer Equipment), was designed by Indepnet Association (a non profit organisation) in 2003.[citation needed]

GLPI is a free asset and IT management software package, it also offers functionalities like servicedesk ITIL or license tracking and software auditing.


GLPI is a web-based application developed in PHP. Its features[1] include:

  • Inventory of computers, peripherals, network printers and associated components through an interface with OCS Inventory or FusionInventory.
  • Management of issues on many environments through creation of tickets, management of tickets, assignment, tickets scheduling, etc.
  • Licenses management (ITIL compliant)
  • Assignment of equipment by geographical area to users and groups
  • Management of business and financial information (purchase, guarantee and extension, damping)
  • Equipment status management
  • Management of applications for assistance of all types of equipment inventory
  • Interface to allow the user to file a support ticket
  • Business management, contracts, documents related to inventory items
  • Equipment booking
  • Management of a Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • Report generator: hardware, network or interventions (support).
  • Multilingual support with 45 languages available.[2][1]

Moreover, GLPI has many plugins [3] that add additional features.

On January, 2009, 1659 entities and 917,597 computers were reported using the software.[4]

By July 8, 2011, 2000 referenced structures and 1,200,000 computers have been reported using the software.[5]

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