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Original author(s)Teclib (since 2015) INDEPNET (2003-2015)
Developer(s)Current Developers: Teclib' & Contributors
Original Developers: Jean-Mathieu Doléans, Julien Dombre & Bazile Lebeau
Stable release
10.0.15 / 24 April 2024; 52 days ago (2024-04-24)[1]
Written inPHP
TypeIT asset management, Issue tracking system, Project Management & Service desk
LicenseFree software GPL v3

GLPI (acronym: French: Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique, or "Free IT Equipment Manager" in English)[2] is an open source IT Asset Management, issue tracking system and service desk system. This software is written in PHP and distributed as open-source software under the GNU General Public License.

GLPI is a web-based application helping companies to manage their information system. The solution is able to build an inventory of all the organization's assets and to manage administrative and financial tasks. The system's functionalities help IT Administrators to create a database of technical resources, as well as a management and history of maintenances actions. Users can declare incidents or requests (based on asset or not) thanks to the Helpdesk feature.[3]


The GLPI Community based-project started in 2003 and was directed by the INDEPNET association.[4] Through the years, GLPI became widely used by both communities and companies, leading to a need of professional services around the system. Whereas the INDEPNET[5] Association did not intend to offer services around the software, in 2008 the Association created a Partners' Network in order to achieve various objectives:

The first objective was to build an ecosystem where Partners could participate in GLPI Project. Secondly, Partners would financially support the association, in order to ensure the necessary software development. And finally, the ecosystem would guarantee a service delivery through a known and identified Network, directly connected to INDEPNET.

In 2009, Teclib’ started to integrate the software, developed the GLPI code and implemented new features. During summer 2015, the GLPI's Community leaders decided to transfer the roadmap management and the development leadership to Teclib’, so that Teclib´becomes editor of the GLPI system ensuring the software R&D.[6]

The code remains under a GPL license and keeps its open source nature. The GLPI system continues to be improved thanks to the co-partnership between the community and the editor.


Software development[edit]

GLPI Project is an open source and collaborative community of developers and IT experts gathered to develop the GLPI software. This collaboration is achieved by different means: installation and use of GLPI, GLPI tests, upgrades submissions, documentation participations, translations, features request.


The most used agent for GLPI is Fusion Inventory.

Date Release
February 14th, 2023 GLPI 10.0.6 + 1.1

Major releases[edit]

Since 2003, GLPI has been developed through more than 80 versions. Major releases include:[7]

Date Release
January 24th, 2023 GLPI 10.0.6
April 20th, 2022 GLPI 10.0.0
July 7th, 2020 GLPI 9.5.0[permanent dead link]
February 11th, 2019 GLPI 9.4.0
June 28th, 2018 GLPI 9.3
September 25th, 2017 GLPI 9.2 Archived 2017-09-26 at the Wayback Machine
September 23rd, 2016 GLPI 9.1 Archived 2017-07-10 at the Wayback Machine
October 9, 2015 GLPI 0.90
November 12, 2014 GLPI 0.85
August 9, 2013 GLPI 0.84
April 4, 2012 GLPI 0.83
May 26, 2011 GLPI 0.80
October 12, 2010 GLPI 0.78
July 15, 2009 GLPI 0.72
July 11, 2008 GLPI 0.71
December 21, 2007 GLPI 0.70
July 28, 2006 GLPI 0.68
March 29, 2006 GLPI 0.65
September 20, 2005 GLPI 0.6
April 29, 2005 GLPI 0.5
November 17, 2003 GLPI 0.2 – 1st Version

Software overview[edit]

As an ITSM software, the main features of GLPI are the following:

  • Multi-entity management
  • Multilingual management and support (45 languages available)[8]
  • Multi user support and Multiple Authentication System
  • Administrative and Financial management
  • Inventory functionalities
  • Incident and request management tracking and monitoring features
  • Problem and change management
  • Licenses management (ITIL compliant) [9]
  • Assignment of equipment: location, users and groups
  • Simplified interface to allow end users to fill a support ticket
  • Asset and helpdesk reports: hardware, network or interventions (support)

Specific features[edit]

Features Characteristics[10]
Inventory Inventory of computers, peripherals network printers and associated components through an interface with OCS Inventory or FusionInventory [11]
Business management, contracts, documents related to inventory items
ITIL Compliant ServiceDesk Management of issues on many environments through creation of tickets, management of tickets, assignment, tickets scheduling, etc.
Problem, project and changes management
End Users Intervention history
Satisfaction survey
Request comment
Mail tracking of intervention demands [12]
Technicians Intervention demands management
Ticket escalation
Statistics Reports in various formats (PNG, SVG, CSV)
Global statistics
Categories statistics (by technician, hardware, user, category, priority, location …)
Management[13] Equipment status management and booking
Contracts and Documents management
Basic system of knowledge database management
Management of applications for assistance of all types of equipment inventory
Management of business and financial information (purchase, guarantee and extension, damping)
Reservation[14] Reservation management
User interface (calendar)
Knowledge Database Knowledge base articles and FAQ management[15]
Content management by targets (profiles, groups, etc.)
Reports Devices Report generation (device-type, associated contract, commercial information)
Projects Manage projects. You can associate users, groups, companies, Assets, contacts. documents, contracts and items. They will be used for the creation of tasks linked to the project. You can create sub-projects and associate them to a parent project. The projects it is available as Gantt type trees and graphics.

Moreover, GLPI has many plugins that add further features.[16]


GLPI Software can be installed and set up in two different ways, either through the community forge or through a professional network.[17]

Technologies used[edit]

GLPI is using the following technologies:

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