GNR (band)

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Also known as Grupo Novo Rock
Origin Portugal
Genres Alternative rock, new wave, pop rock, post-punk
Years active 1980–present
Labels EMI
Members Rui Reininho
Jorge Romão
Toli César Machado
Past members Alexandre Soares
Vítor Rua
Mano Zé
Manuel Ribeiro
Herminio Tavares
Zezé Garcia

GNR is a Portuguese band founded in 1981. The band shares its acronym (Grupo Novo Rock, Portuguese for Group of New Rock) with the Guarda Nacional Republicana (National Republican Guard) and is inseparable from the concept of Portuguese rock. Many years after its creation, numerous recordings show the band's popularity. The band is always represented by the charismatic Rui Reininho, singer, author of lyrics and songs, he was one of the most loved by the media - and often controversial - symbol of the Portuguese rock scene.[citation needed]

Alongside Toli César (guitarist, former drummer) and Jorge Romão (bass), Rui Reininho and GNR create concerts where irony, parody and provocation dominate. They stage - in a language often enriched by the Porto slang - the caricatured and stereotyped sides of the city's inhabitants.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Independança (1982)
  • Defeitos Especiais (1984)
  • Os Homens Não Se Querem Bonitos (1985)
  • Psicopátria (1986)
  • Valsa dos Detectives (1989)
  • Rock in Rio Douro (1992)
  • Sob Escuta (1994)
  • Mosquito (1998)
  • Popless (2000)
  • Do Lado dos Cisnes (2002)
  • Retropolitana (2010)
  • Voos Domésticos (2011)
  • Caixa Negra (2015)