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Developer(s) GPGTools
Stable release GPG Suite 2016.07 (July 4, 2016; 55 days ago (2016-07-04)[1]) [±]
Operating system Mac OS X


License GNU GPL and other free software licenses

GPGTools is an installation package for Mac OS X (10.6 - 10.11) with software tools for email and file encryption (similar to Gpg4win for Windows). GPGTools itself and all tools of GPGTools are free and open source software. The aim of the GPGTools project is to keep an easy to use OS X installation package up-to-date including the crypto software GnuPG and maintain all accompanying tools.

The GPGTools support team announced in October 2015 that the next non-beta release of their software will require the user to pay to use the mail encryption part of the software, GPGMail, although the source code will still be available under the terms of the GPL, stating "while the source code remains open and under the GPL we will start charging a small fee for GPGMail."[2] These plans were delayed, and the next stable version in July 2016 was released completely free to the community.[3]

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