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GUSFORD | los angeles is a contemporary art gallery located in Los Angeles, California, US. The gallery represents emerging and mid-career artists, both local and international.[1]


GUSFORD | los angeles was founded in 2012 by artist and long-time collector Kelsey Lee Offield,[2][3] and is dedicated to developing and nurturing emerging artists.[4] The gallery program is built solely of solo artist presentations, where artists create and exhibit an entire body of work.[5] GUSFORD opened in 2013 in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Hollywood with an exhibition featuring the work of local artist Adam Mars.[6] GUSFORD debuted the first North American solo exhibition by Swiss artist Andrea Hasler in June 2013,[7] and participated in PULSE Contemporary Art Fair 2014 in New York, where artist Hassan Hajjaj was awarded the 2014 PULSE Art Prize.[8] In September 2014, GUSFORD will debut the first solo exhibition of young Birmingham artist Oliver Jones.[9] GUSFORD is named after Offield's English bulldog.[10][11]

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34°05′00″N 118°20′36″W / 34.0833°N 118.3434°W / 34.0833; -118.3434