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Gabba may refer to:


  • Gabber, a subgenre of hardcore techno
  • Gabba (band), a tribute band covering the pop songs of ABBA in the punk style of The Ramones
  • Gabba Front Berlin, a 1990s German techno band of gabba music
  • Gabba Gabba Hey (album), a 1991 tribute album to The Ramones named after one of the band's catchphrases

People with the surname[edit]


  • The Gabba, a colloquialism for the Brisbane Cricket Ground in Australia
  • "The 'Gabba", a colloquialism referring to the Brisbane suburb of Woolloongabba, Queensland, in which said cricket ground is located
  • The Gabba Ward, a city council ward in Brisbane
  • Gabba Island (Queensland) (aka Gerbar Island, in the Torres Strait), an uninhabited Australian island south of Papua New Guinea

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