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Gabor G. Gyukics (May 9, 1958)is a Hungarian American poet and literary translator, has been living in the United States since 1988.[1] He is translating American poetry to Hungarian and Hungarian poetry to American English. Thanks to an Arts Link grant he started an Open Poetry Reading combined with Jazz series in Hungary in 1999.



Original Poetry[edit]

  • Utcai Elődás, poetry in Hungarian, Fekete Sas Publishing, Budapest, 1998;
  • Last Smile, English-Hungarian, Cross Cultural Communications, New York, 1999, Preface by Hal Sirowitz; ISBN 0-89304-372-9
  • A remete többes száma, poetry in Hungarian, Fekete Sas Publishing, Budapest, 2002; ISBN 963-9352-45-4
  • versKÉPzelet, poetry and writings on art in Hungarian and 22 works by 20 contemporary fine artists, Hanga Publishing, Budapest, 2005; ISBN 963-86643-1-2
  • Lepkék vitrinben, poetry in Hungarian, Fekete Sas Publishing, Budapest, 2006; ISBN 963-9680-00-1
  • kié ez az arc, poems in Hungarian, L’Harmattan Publishing, Budapest, 2011; ISBN 978-963-236-439-1
  • Selected Poetry of Gabor Gyukics in Bulgarian, translated by Stefka Hrusanova, Gutenberg Publishing House, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013; ISBN 978-619-176-008-4
  • A Hermit Has no Plural, poems in English, Singing Bone Press, Columbia, SC, USA 2015; ISBN 978-0-933439-05-4
  • végigtapint" selected poetry in Hungarian, Lector Publishing, Târgu Mureș, Romania,2018; ISBN 978-606-8957-01-2

Original Prose[edit]

  • "Kisfa galeri «socio-horror»", in Hungarian, L’Harmattan Publishing, Budapest, 2014 ISBN 978-963-236-842-9


  • Half-Naked Muse / Félmeztelen múzsa, Contemporary American Poetry Anthology, bilingual, Budapest, Magyar Könyvklub Publishing 2000; ISBN 963-547-125-4
  • Swimming in the Ground, Contemporary Hungarian Poetry Anthology in English, Neshui Publishing, St. Louis, USA, 2002 Co-translator: Michael Castro; ISBN 1-931190-26-7
  • Gypsy Drill, Collected poems of Attila Balogh in English, Neshui Publishing, St. Louis, USA, 2005 Co-translator: Michael Castro
  • Consciousness, Attila József DVD English version, Petőfi Literary Museum, 2005 Budapest
  • A Transparent Lion, Selected poetry of Attila József in English, Green Integer Publishing, 2006 Los Angeles, USA, Co-translator: Michael Castro; ISBN 1-933382-50-3
  • Átkelés, Contemporary American Poetry Anthology in Hungarian, Nyitott Könyvműhely, 2007 Budapest; ISBN 978-963-9725-08-9
  • A szem önéletrajza, Selected poetry of Paul Auster in Hungarian, Barrus Publishing, 2007 Budapest;ISBN 978-963-86725-7-5
  • Cornucopion / Bőségszaru, Selected poetry of Ira Cohen in Hungarian, I.A.T. and Új Mandátum Publishing, 2007 Budapest; ISBN 978-9-639609-64-8
  • Nagy Kis-Madár, the poetry of Jim Northrup, Új Forrás and Librarius Publishings, 2013 Tata, Hungary;ISBN 978-963-7983-17-7
  • My God, How Many Mistakes I've Made, Selected poetry of Endre Kukorelly, co - translator Michael Castro, Singing Bone Press, USA 2015; ISBN 978-0-933439-04-7
  • Medvefelhő a város felett, Contemporary Native American poetry anthology in Hungarian, Budapest, Scolar Publishing, 2015, ISBN 9789632445960


  • Sand Snail, English language poetry; Frogpond Productions, New York, 2000. Music: Mark Deutsch. Guest Poet: Nagy Imola Borzos


  • The Afterlife of a Book; the poetry of Gábor G. Gyukics with the eyes of contemporary fine artists, 15 poems –19 artists – 21 artworks, Mucius Gallery, Budapest April 11- May 12, 2005


  • Látó literary magazine American issue 2006/5; guest editor, translator

Prizes and Fellowships[edit]

- Milán Füst translation fellowship, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest 2017 - Salvatore Quasimodo Award, Balatonfüred, Hungary 2016 - Poesis 25 Prize for Poetry, Satu Mare, Romania 2015 - PIM - Hungarian Books & Translations Office fellowship, Budapest, 2013 - Salvatore Quasimodo Special Prize for Poetry, Balatonfüred, Hungary 2012 - Writer’s fellowship from the National Cultural Fund, Budapest 2007 - British Council translator award, Budapest 2000 - ArtsLink fellowship, New York 1999 - Milán Füst translation fellowship, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest 1999

Book Fairs and Festivals'[edit]

ProtimluvFest International literary festival, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2017 Tanta International Poetry Festival, 2nd Edition, Tanta, Egypt, 2016 The 1st 100 Thousand Poets for Change Festival, Salerno, Italy 2015 The 25th Poesis Poetry Festival, Satu Mare, Romania 2015 The 10th Novi Sad International Literary Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia 2015 Sofia International Book Fair, Sofia, Bulgaria 2013 The 12th 'Den poezie' Festival, Prague, Czech Republic 2010 Cúirt International Festival of Literature, Galway, Ireland 2004 Culture of Wine Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria 2000 Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival, Canada 2000


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