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Gabor G. Gyukics (May 9, 1958)is a Hungarian American poet and literary translator, has been living in the United States since 1988.[1] He is translating American poetry to Hungarian and Hungarian poetry to American English. Thanks to an Arts Link grant he started an Open Reading series in Hungary in 1999.



Original Poetry[edit]

  • Utcai Elődás, in Hungarian, Fekete Sas Publishing, Budapest, 1998;
  • Last Smile, English-Hungarian, Cross Cultural Communications, New York, 1999, Preface by Hal Sirowitz; ISBN 0-89304-372-9
  • A remete többes száma, Fekete Sas Publishing, Budapest, 2002; ISBN 963-9352-45-4
  • versKÉPzelet, poems and writings on art in Hungarian and 22 works by 20 contemporary fine artists, Hanga Publishing, Budapest, 2005; ISBN 963-86643-1-2
  • Lepkék vitrinben, in Hungarian, Fekete Sas Publishing, Budapest, 2006; ISBN 963-9680-00-1
  • kié ez az arc, in Hungarian, L’Harmattan Publishing, Budapest, 2011; ISBN 978-963-236-439-1
  • Selected Poetry of Gabor Gyukics in Bulgarian, translated by Stefka Hrusanova, Gutenberg Publishing House, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013; ISBN 978-619-176-008-4
  • A Hermit Has no Plural, in English, Singing Bone Press, Columbia, SC, USA 2015; ISBN 978-0-933439-05-4

Original Prose[edit]

  • "Kisfa galeri «socio-horror»", in Hungarian, L’Harmattan Publishing, Budapest, 2014 ISBN 978-963-236-842-9


  • Half-Naked Muse / Félmeztelen múzsa, Contemporary American Poetry Anthology,bilingual, Budapest, Magyar Könyvklub Publishing 2000; ISBN 963-547-125-4
  • Swimming in the Ground, Contemporary Hungarian Poetry Anthology in English, Neshui Publishing, St. Louis, USA, 2002 Co-translator: Michael Castro; ISBN 1-931190-26-7
  • Gypsy Drill, Collected poems of Attila Balogh in English, Neshui Publishing, St. Louis, USA, 2005 Co-translator: Michael Castro
  • Consciousness, Attila József DVD English version, Petőfi Literary Museum, 2005 Budapest
  • A Transparent Lion, Selected poetry of Attila József in English, Green Integer Publishing, 2006 Los Angeles, USA, Co-translator: Michael Castro; ISBN 1-933382-50-3
  • Átkelés, Contemporary American Poetry Anthology in Hungarian, Nyitott Könyvműhely, 2007 Budapest; ISBN 978-963-9725-08-9
  • A szem önéletrajza, Selected poetry of Paul Auster in Hungarian, Barrus Publishing, 2007 Budapest;ISBN 978-963-86725-7-5
  • Cornucopion / Bőségszaru, Selected poetry of Ira Cohen in Hungarian, I.A.T. and Új Mandátum Publishing, 2007 Budapest; ISBN 978-9-639609-64-8
  • Nagy Kis-Madár, the poetry of Jim Northrup, Új Forrás and Librarius Publishings, 2013 Tata, Hungary;ISBN 978-963-7983-17-7
  • My God, How Many Mistakes I've Made, Selected poetry of Endre Kukorelly, co - translator Michael Castro, Singing Bone Press, Columbia, SC, USA 2015; ISBN 978-0-933439-04-7


  • Sand Snail, English language poetry; Frogpond Productions, New York, 2000. Music: Mark Deutsch. Guest Poet: Nagy Imola Borzos


  • The Afterlife of a Book; the poetry of Gábor G. Gyukics with the eyes of contemporary fine artists, 15 poems –19 artists – 21 artworks, Mucius Gallery, Budapest April 11- May 12, 2005


  • Látó literary magazine American issue 2006/5; guest editor, translator

Prizes and Fellowships[edit]

- Salvatore Quasimodo Award, Balatonfüred, Hungary 2016 - Poesis 25 Prize for Poetry, Satu Mare, Romania 2015 - PIM - Hungarian Books & Translations Office fellowship, Budapest, 2013 - Salvatore Quasimodo Special Prize for Poetry, Balatonfüred, Hungary 2012 - Writer’s fellowship from the National Cultural Fund, Budapest 2007 - British Council translator award, Budapest 2000 - ArtsLink fellowship, New York 1999 - Milán Füst translation fellowship, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest 1999


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