Gabrijel Smičiklas

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Gabrijel Smičiklas (24 March 1783 – 14 March 1856) was a Croatian Greek Catholic hierarch. He was the bishop from 1834 to 1856 of the Eastern Catholic Eparchy of Križevci.

Born in Sošice, Habsburg monarchy (present day – Croatia) in 1783, he was ordained a priest on 11 June 1808 for the Eparchy of Križevci. Fr. Smičiklas was the Rector of the Greek Catholic Seminary in Zagreb from 1809 to 1810.[1]

He was confirmed as the Bishop by the Holy See on 23 June 1834. He was consecrated to the Episcopate on 21 September 1834. The principal consecrator was Bishop Samuil Vulcan.[2]

He died in Križevci on 14 March 1856.


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