Gaelic Storm (album)

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Gaelic Storm
Gaelic Storm (album).jpg
Studio album by Gaelic Storm
Released July 28, 1998
Genre Celtic
Length 48:45
Label Higher Octave
Producer Shep Lonsdale and Steve Twigger
Gaelic Storm chronology
Gaelic Storm
Herding Cats

Gaelic Storm is a 1998 album by Gaelic Storm.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Hills of Connemara"
  2. "Bonnie Ship the Diamond / Tamlinn"
  3. "The Farmer's Frolic"
  4. "Johnny Jump Up / Morrison's Jig"
  5. "The Storm"
  6. "Tell Me Ma"
  7. "Rocky Road to Dublin / Kid On The Mountain"
  8. "Sight Of Land"
  9. "The Leaving of Liverpool"
  10. "Sammy's Fancy"
  11. "McCloud's Reel / Whup Jamboree"
  12. "The Road To Liskeard"

Hills of Connemara is the song that is most recognizable as the song that Rose and Jack dance to in the movie Titanic. Gaelic Storm is the actual band playing on the "ship" and can be seen if you pay close attention. Bonnie Ship the Diamond has a jam at the end typical of ceilidh type Irish music and is the only song sung by the guitar player. The Farmer's Frolic, The Storm (the only original composition on the CD), Sight of Land, Sammy's Fancy and The Road to Liskeard are instrumentals on the CD. The music in Sight of Land is fitting for the title the band has chosen to play the pieces. The end of the song brings to mind the jumping for joy excitement immigrants must have felt when pulling into the harbor in NYC. "Johnny Jump Up" is a typical rousing pub sing-along. "Tell "Me Ma" and "Rocky Road to Dublin" are recognizable standard. "The Leaving of Liverpool" is another sing-along. "Whup Jamboree" is the only song sung by the bodhran player and has an amusing racy line. The others are sung by the spoons/accordion player.

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