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Gaff may refer to:

Pole-shaped devices[edit]

Ankle-worn devices[edit]

  • Gaff, spurs in variations of cockfighting
  • Gaff, climbing spikes used to ascend wood poles without steps on them


  • Gaff Slang which originated in Northern England referring to house/apartment/place of residence. Typically adapted and used by Scottish, Welsh, British and Irish people.[1][2] a house, flat, place, or building.[3]
  • Gaff, fictional character in the film Blade Runner
  • Penny gaff, 19th-century English variety show
  • Gaff, a magician's trick prop, such as a fake sword used to imitate sword swallowing
  • Operation Gaff, 1944 military mission of assassination
  • Gaff, or cache-sexe, an item worn as means of concealing male genitals when wearing traditionally female clothing
  • GAFF, generalised AMBER force field in molecular-simulation programme
  • Gaff, a character in the Eon Kid series

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