Gaius Antistius Vetus (consul 6 BC)

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Denarius minted by Gaius as monetary magistrate (16-15 BC).

Gaius Antistius Vetus (b. 50 BC - d. 1 AD) of the gens Antistia was a Roman consul, general, and senator of the early Roman Empire.


Gaius Antistius Vetus was the son of Gaius Antistius Vetus the elder, a Roman consul who served in the year 30 BC. Gaius began his political career as a monetary Magistrate from 16-15 BC. Between 26-24 BC, he participated in the Cantabrian Wars, commanding the five Roman legions at the Siege of Aracillum in 25 BC due to the illness of the Emperor Augustus (though Augustus personally commanded most of the campaign). Throughout the campaign, Gaius further served successfully with Augustus at Amaya, Bergida, and Monte Vindio. After the successful campaign, Gaius went on to become the provincial governor (Proconsul) of Hispania Citerior.

In 6 BC, he was named consul of Rome and later served as the Proconsul of Asia.

His sons, Gaius Antistius Vetus and Lucius Antistius Vetus, likewise became Roman consuls in the years 23 and 26 respectively.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Tiberius Claudius Nero II,
and Gnaeus Calpurnius Piso
Consul of the Roman Empire
6 BC
with Decimus Laelius Balbus
Succeeded by
Imp. Caesar Divi filius Augustus XII,
and Lucius Cornelius Sulla Faustus