Gaius Julius Bassus

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Gaius Julius Bassus (ca 45 - aft. 101) was a Consul Suffect in 99 and a Proconsul of Bithynia and Pontus in 98 or between 100 and 101, before Pliny the Younger who either prosecuted or defended him afterwards. He was the younger son of Gaius Julius Severus (b. ca 25), a Nobleman from Akmonia at Galatia, and paternal grandson of Artemidoros of the Trocmi, a Nobleman at Galatia, Asia Minor (son of Amyntas, Tetrarch of the Trocmi, King of Galatia), and his wife a Princess of the Tectosagii (daughter of Amyntas, Tetrarch of the Tectosagii). His older brother was Gaius Julius Severus, a Tribune in Legio VI Ferrata.

He was the father of Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus, Legate at Judaea between 102 and 105, Consul of Rome in 105 and Proconsul of Asia in 105, married to Asinia Marcella, Domina figl., married to Julia of Cilicia.


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