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Galler is a surname of German and Anglo-Norman French origin and a common name of Jewish families in Poland, Israel, and the United States. It is estimated that fewer than 4,000 individuals have this name worldwide.[1] The name is also found as Galier, Gallier, Galor, Galer, and Gal-Or.

The Galler surname may refer to:

German surname[edit]

Galler is one of the rarest German surnames, occurring mainly in Germany (90%), the United States (3%), and Switzerland (7%). Its origins predate medieval times in Germany. The first known mention of this name was in Nürburg (a tribal area), during the Holy Roman Empire. It would be classified as a protestant name, although it predates the Protestant Reformation.[2] People associated with St. Gallen in Switzerland are also called gallers.

Anglo-Norman French surname[edit]

Galler is from the Old French "galure" or "galier", a coxcomb or spark, usually given to someone who was happy, good-humored, or of pleasant temperament. The Old French is a form of Waller, which derives from the Anglo-Norman French Wallier.[3] The name may also derive from the nickname Galliard, meaning bold or joyous.[4]

Jewish family name[edit]

Galler is a common name of Jewish families who lived in Poland for hundreds of years prior to 1942 and who currently live in Israel and the United States. Examples in Poland: Lipa [Lippa] Galler, Benjamin Galler, Abraham Galler, David Galler, and Israel Galler. In Israel: Benjamin Galler, Gadi Galler, Dan Galler, Tzvi Galler, and Offer Galler. Some of the Gallers in Israel have changed their name to Galor ,Gal-or and Gal, like Amir Gal-Or, Benjamin Gal-Or, Gillad Galor, Talia Gal-Or, Raz Gal-Or, Amit Gal-Or, Gonen Galor, Ariel Galor, Esther Gal-Or, and Naomi Gal-Or.[2]

German archives estimates that only about 3,800+ people bear the surname Galler worldwide.

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