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"Steal Your Fire" redirects here. For the track by Lauren Harris, see Steal Your Fire (Lauren Harris song).
Studio album by Gun
Released 31 March 1992
Genre Hard rock[1]
Length 50:16
Label A&M
Gun chronology
Taking on the World

Gallus is the second album from Scottish rock band Gun.[1] Singles "Higher Ground", "Steal Your Fire", and "Welcome to the Real World" reached #48, #24, and #43 on the British charts, respectively. Gallus itself peaked at the #14 slot on the country's official albums chart.[2]

The release's cover shows Benny Lynch. A renowned Scottish boxer from Glasgow, he achieved international fame during his career and continued notoriety after his death in August 1946.

Production and recording[edit]

The album's release took place when the group was a quintet made up of vocalist Mark Rankin alongside guitarists Alex Dickson and Giuliano Gizzi, bassist Dante Gizzi, and drummer Scott Shields.[1]

Gallus was produced by Kenny MacDonald,[1] who had previously produced work by singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole and the band Texas.[3] Al Clay did the audio engineering on the album.[1] He had previously engineered releases by artists such as the American groups Pixies (on Bossanova) and Pere Ubu (on Worlds in Collision).[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Steal Your Fire" - 4:53
  2. "Money to Burn" - 4:44
  3. "Long Road" - 5:06
  4. "Welcome to the Real World" - 5:10
  5. "Higher Ground" - 5:30
  6. "Borrowed Time" - 4:34
  7. "Freedom" - 5:05
  8. "Won't Back Down" - 5:43
  9. "Reach Out for Love" - 4:19
  10. "Watchin' the World Go By" - 5:07

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