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Nicktoons Gamekey.JPG
GameKey for the Nicktoons plug and play game
Manufacturer Jakks Pacific
Type Video game accessory
Generation Sixth generation era
Retail availability July 2005
Discontinued 2006
Media ROM cartridge
Controller input GameKey-ready TV Game controller
Best-selling game Namco Ms. Pac-Man GameKeys[citation needed]

GameKeys are expansion modules made by Jakks Pacific for the purpose of adding games to GameKey-ready entries in their Plug It In & Play TV Games product line.


The GameKey was first announced at the 2005 International Toy Fair, and the first products were released in July 2005.

GameKeys were mainly marketed for the Namco Ms. Pac-Man controller, but different GameKeys existed for other TV Games manufactured by Jakks Pacific, including Nicktoons, Star Wars, and Disney. There were also GameKeys that never saw release due to market failure, such as Fantastic Four and Capcom.[citation needed]

GameKeys were discontinued in late 2006 after struggling for a year.

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