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GameStar Logo.svg
GameStar logo
Chefredakteur Heiko Klinge
Former editors Jochen Gebauer, Michael Trier, Gunnar Lott
Circulation 63.189 (01/2015)[1]
Publisher Webedia[2]
Founder Jörg Langer
Year founded 1997
Country Germany
Language German
Website Germany US

GameStar is a monthly released PC computer game magazine, published by the IDG Entertainment Media GmbH in Germany. In 2008 it had an average monthly circulation of 250,000 copies and is therefore the best sold PC computer game magazine in Europe.[3] It is also being published in Hungary, the Czech Republic and China. IDG started it also in Italy, Poland and the USA—but those issues have folded after a few months, although the corresponding web sites still exist. The US version was, quite differently from the rest, positioned as a magazine for adults, about PC and console games, similar to inCite. In 2005, GameStar spawned a sister mag called /GameStar/dev which is targeted at European Game Developers. GameStar also has a sister magazine named GamePro, which focuses on console games. Incidentally its headquarters are right next-door to the GameStar office.

Original logo
The original logo of

Editor-in-Chief at the moment is Heiko Klinge,[4] replacing Michael Trier which succeeded Gunnar Lott on 1 December 2007.[5]

A short overview of the content:

  • News about the PC gaming community
  • Previews of PC games, (games which still are in development)
  • Reviews of lately released or to be released PC games
  • A section about freeware and open source games, mods and e-sports.
  • Articles about recent personal computer hardware components with regard to computer gaming (e.g. joysticks or computer mice)
  • Articles about important events, that influence the gaming community at large (i.e.: E-Sports, Censorship, etc.)

Currently[when?] there are 4 different versions of the Magazine available. They include the magazine version (which does not include any DVDs and is thus cheaper), a "normal" edition, which includes one DVD, and an XL Version, which contains 2 DVDs. The subscriber Magazine has less advertisement and shows a larger front-page picture. Until mid-2005 a CD-only version was also available, but it was decided that DVD-readers in Computers had become widespread enough, and so the CD-version was deemed unnecessary. Instead the XL version appeared for the first time.

GameStar was published in the US starting in summer 2004, before the first issue was shipped the magazine was changed from 12 to 8 issues a year (not being published in July, August, September and October). To try to draw more appeal to the magazine female models were featured in the "Digital Lust" page. After only 3 issues the magazine was canceled in the US.

GameStar also holds a well known E-Sports-League, the GameStar Clanliga.


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