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Gaming top

Bambaram (in Karnataka/Tamil)/Lattu لٹو (in Urdu) or spinning tops are used to play games in India and Pakistan. Skill and interest in this game is reducing due to other interests taking priority and also due to unsafe nails along with bullying of younger, smaller, poorer kids. This game is more popular among boys and is coming back with safer components and rules. In Andhra Pradesh, Bambaram is played in the name of Bongaralu Aata.It is also played by small children but not with rules. . Components of Bambaram:

  • Wooden top (Coloring is optional - to make it interesting and attractive)
  • Pointed nail for getting the center
  • String to get the starting spin (also used for lifting the spinning top)


Toss is decided by the top being spun and picked up quickest. The tops that did not complete the toss will be placed in the center of a circle. The people who managed to finish the toss successfully try to spin the top over the tops in the circle trying to break (called Gunna in slang language in Karnataka) them and/or trying to getting them out of the circle. Each time the spinning tops have to be picked up successfully to continue.


Very few tournaments were organised between Pakistan and India until now. Hashir & Areeb (Twin brothers) from Karachi defeated India with 3:2. From India Suresh & Prakash were runners-up. Hashir & Areeb are still world Champions of Lattu so far.

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