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Gamtec Corporation
Industry Video games
Founded June 1989
Headquarters Taichung, Taiwan
Number of employees
12 (2009)[1]

Gamtec (Chinese: 三協資訊; pinyin: sān xié zī xùn) is a video game developer established in June 1989 and based in Taichung City, Taiwan[1][2] noted for its unlicensed Sega Mega Drive games such as Legend of Wukong[3] and Squirrel King. His motto would have to be: Believe in yourself (Chinese: 相信自己; pinyin: xiāng xìn zì jǐ).

The company also developed a number of NES[4] and PC[5] games, and claims to have developed for the Gamate, Super A'Can, Arcade, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance,[1][2] although it often acted as a contract developer for other companies so is frequently not credited in games it worked on.

Gamtec currently operates the online gaming site Bingo King.[6]


Games in this list, unless otherwise specified, are those that explicitly credit Gamtec. Because the company is a contract developer, it may have helped develop other titles in which its name does not appear, such as those for the Bit Corporation Gamate handheld system.[7]

Nintendo Entertainment System[edit]

  • Fire Dragon [AKA Huǒlóng]
  • King Tank [AKA Taan Hak Fung Wan] (1993)
  • Thunderbolt II [AKA Léi Diān II - Thunderbolt Fighting Plane] (1993)
  • The Universe Soldiers (1993)
  • Wisdom Boy (co-developed with Sun Team)

Sega Mega Drive[edit]

  • 16 Tile Mahjong[8] [AKA 16 Zhang Mahjong (Shíliù Zhāng Májiàng)]
  • 16 Tile Mahjong II[9] [AKA 16 Zhang Mahjong II (Shíliù Zhāng Májiàng II)]
  • Ā Gān Miào Shìjiè [AKA Gumball, or The Amazing World of Gumball]
  • Adventurous Boy [AKA Adventure Kid (Màoxiǎn Xiǎozi)]
  • Bomboy [AKA Explosion Kid (Bàozhà Xiǎozi)] (1993)
  • Chāojí Dà Fùwēng
  • Legend of Wukong [AKA Wukong Rumor (Wùkōng Wàizhuàn)] (1996; 2008: English version developed by Super Fighter Team)
  • The Lion King 2 [AKA Shīziwáng II]
  • Magic 7 Block [AKA Variety Tangram (Bǎi Biàn Qīqiǎobǎn)]
  • Magic Girl [AKA Little Witch (Xiǎo Mónǚ)] (1993)
  • Mènghuàn Shuǐguǒ Pán: 777 Casino[10]
  • Squirrel King (1995)[11]
  • Super Bubble Bobble MD[12]
  • Super Magician [AKA Elf Wor, and Spiritual Magic Priest (Líng Huàn Dàoshi)]
  • Super Tank War
  • Thunderbolt II [AKA Léi Diān II - Thunderbolt Fighting Plane] (1995)
  • Tiny Toon Adventures 3 (1996)[13]

Note: The Mega Drive title The Lion King 2 is credited as Lion King II on title screen.


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