Ganda La

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Ganda La
Ganda La.jpg
The top of Ganda La (winter pass); the way to Skiu.
Elevation 4,980 m (16,339 ft)
Location India
Range Himalaya
Coordinates 34°2′29.62″N 77°21′45.42″E / 34.0415611°N 77.3626167°E / 34.0415611; 77.3626167Coordinates: 34°2′29.62″N 77°21′45.42″E / 34.0415611°N 77.3626167°E / 34.0415611; 77.3626167

Ganda La (also called the Kanda La[1]) is a high mountain pass located at around 4980 metres above sea level in Ladakh, 23 km south-west of Leh, in the Himalayas in India.[1] It lies within the Hemis National Park.[2] and connects the Markha valley villages to Leh, and is regularly used by local people. The summer pass is open from June, and the winter pass (half kilometre north-west of summer pass) is open from late April.

The Markha Valley trek crosses the pass on the section between Rumbak and Skiu villages, which is usually done over 2 days.[1] The other pass on the trek is the Gongmaru La (Kongmaru La).[1]


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