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Gandigar is a well populated and socialized village in Upper Dir District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is situated on Dir Chitral road. Its population is about 5000. The village is surrounded by green hills. The river Panjkora also flows through it. The majority of people of this village are Hajikhel (tribe) Syeds (also called Miangan or Mian), who are the descendents of a famous saint Hazrat Haji Syed Ahmed Shah Baba, known as Haji Baba. They are well socialized and educated people, known for their hospitality. There are two big schools present in this village, Govt; Higher secondary School (boys) and Govt; High School (girls). There is also a famous hotel, ''Al-Syed Hotel'' in this village, which is known throughout Malakand Division. Volleyball and cricket are the most popular games played in this village.