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Gane is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Alan Gane (born 1950), English former amateur footballer and manager
  • Chris Gane (born 1974), English professional golfer
  • Christopher P. Gane (born 1938) is a British/American computer scientist
  • Constantin Gane (1885-1962), Romanian writer
  • Ionel Gane (born 1971), retired Romanian football player
  • Jeremy Gane, the managing director of Gane and Marshall International Ltd
  • Lucinda Gane (born 1949), British actress, played Miss Terri Mooney in the UK TV serial Grange Hill
  • Nicolae Gane (1838-1916), Romanian writer and politician
  • Tim Gane (born 1964), the leader of the rock band Stereolab

Given name:

  • Gane Todorovski (1929–2010), Macedonian poet, translator, essayist, literary critic, historian, publicist

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