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Ganesh Thapa (Nepali: गणेश थापा) is the current president (from 1995 till date) of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) and the vice president of Asian Football Confederation (AFC).[1] He was formerly the president of the South Asian Football Federation.[2][3] He is also one of the five vice presidents of the Asian Football Federation(AFC), elected on 6 January 2011.


Before becoming the president of ANFA, Thapa was a national football player. He also played in the Bangladesh team.

Changes to the Nepali football made under Thapa[edit]

  • Started the already stopped ANFA Martyr's Memorial A-Division League
  • Created ANFA Youth Academy
  • Gave special focus to youth football
  • Tried to make Nepali Football League system more professional
  • No development for 2 decades (20 years).
  • Uncertainty of players future

Alleged corruption case[edit]

Following the corruption case of Mohammed bin Hammam, The Associated Press revealed that Thapa received an illegal gift of $100,000 from Bin Hammam in 2009. The money was deposited into the personal bank account of Gaurav Thapa (Ganesh Thapa's son).[4][5][6]

Thapa later claimed that he borrowed the money for his personal use, and such a revelation would not tarnish the image of Nepal and Nepali football.[4]


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