Gaoliying, Beijing

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Gaoliying -- also home to the northernmost extremity of the Jingcheng Expressway (July 2004 image)

Gaoliying (simplified Chinese: 高丽营; traditional Chinese: 高麗營; pinyin: Gāolíyíng) in Beijing is a small town just north of the Northern 6th Ring Road.

It is situated at the intersection of the Jingcheng Expressway, a six-lane expressway linking central Beijing via Huairou District and Miyun County to Chengde in Hebei province, and the 6th Ring Road.

Gaoliying is in Shunyi District.

Coordinates: 40°09′04″N 116°33′31″E / 40.15111°N 116.55861°E / 40.15111; 116.55861