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Cover to Sojourn #1
Publication information
PublisherCrossgen Comics inc
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateAugust 2001 – May 2004
No. of issues35
Main character(s)Arwyn, Gareth, Kreeg, Cassidy, Mordath, Bohr, Gustavus, Neven, Ayden, Shiara
Creative team
Created byMark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
Written byRon Marz, Ian Edginton
Penciller(s)Greg Land

Sojourn was a fantasy comic book series published by CrossGen about the adventures of the archer Arwyn and her friend Gareth as they traveled in a fantasy world with dragons, trolls, and magic. Starting in 2001, it ran for 35 issues (including a prequel) before it was forced to end by the bankruptcy of CrossGen in 2004.[1] For a time, this series was Crossgen's highest grossing comic.[citation needed]


A woman named Arwyn, her dog Kreeg, and a one-eyed man named Gareth travel throughout the lands of the planet Quin looking for five shards of a magic arrow to defeat the evil dictator of the land, Mordath. Along the way they meet a thief named Cassidy who knows Gareth from the past. Near the end of the series a Snow Troll, or Iskani, named Gustavus, who could have possibly joined the group, was introduced.

The hero of this series was not a Sigil-Bearer. Instead, the hero (Arwyn) is on a quest to kill the Sigil-Bearer, Mordath.

Races of the Five Lands[edit]

  • Humans – Have a distinctly European look in Middelyn, and a Middle-Eastern look in Oudubai. Distinct Medieval and Arab cultures depending on area. Most concentrated in Middelyn, and Oudubai.
  • Trolls – Most have greenish skin, glowing green eyes and some form of horns sprouting from their foreheads. Long lived. Barbarian-like culture. Most concentrated in Grinbor.
  • Ankharans – Distinct African look but with bird-like wings. Egyptian-like culture.
  • Iskani or Snow Trolls – Relatives of the Trolls. Long Lived. Nordic-like Culture. Most concentrated in Skarnhime. Have some form of tusks sprouting from their chins.
  • Urnethi – Underground dwellers. Insect-like. Most concentrated in Oudubai.
  • Dragons – Most concentrated in Middelyn and Islands in the oceans of Quin.
  • Carvers of the Glade – Small green creatures. Most concentrated in the Glade of Heroes.


Sojourn had 4 trade paperbacks (TPBs) released by Crossgen before their bankruptcy, with 2 more released later by Checker Books.

  • TPB #1 "From The Ashes" – Collects issues #0–6
  • TPB #2 "The Dragon's Tale" – Collects issues #7–12
  • TPB #3 "The Warrior's Tale" – Collects issues #13–18
  • TPB #4 "The Thief's Tale" – Collects issues #19–24
  • TPB #5 "The Sorcerer's Tale" – Collects issues #25–30 (ISBN 1-933160-44-6) released by Checker Books in February 2007 [2]
  • TPB #6 "The Berserker's Tale" – Collects issues #31–34 released by Checker Books in October 2007

There was also one collected edition not included above because it was merely a reprint of the Prequel and issue 1 put into one comic.


  • Ron Marz- The Writer for the Prequel issue and issues 1 through 24.
  • Greg Land- The Penciler for the Prequel issue and most of the issues between 1 and 33.
  • Ian Edginton- The Writer for issues 25 through 34.
  • Sergio Cariello- The Penciler who took over for Greg Land starting in issue 34, the issue that became the final one.
  • Chuck Dixon- The co-writer for issue 34, he was responsible for writing the cliffhanger ending.
  • Stuart Immonen- Guest Penciler for issue 7.
  • June Brigman- Guest Penciler for issue 12.
  • Aaron Lopresti- Guest Penciler for issue 17.
  • Luke Ross- Guest Penciler for issue 21. He would team up with Ron Marz again for the Darkhorse Comic Samurai: Heaven and Earth.
  • Lewis LaRosa- Guest Penciler for pages 1–9, and 21–22 of issue 26.
  • Tom Derenick- Guest Penciler for pages 10–20 of issue 26.
  • Cliff Richards- Guest Penciler for issue 30.
  • Greg Land did covers for all issues penciled by himself. The other covers were done by their respective pencilers except for issues 30 and 34 which were done by Land.


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