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Garland Waller is an assistant professor at Boston University in the College of Communications Department of Television and Film [1] and a documentary film producer. She began making documentaries while working at WBZ-TV in the 1980s,[2] including "Rape: An Act of Hate" narrated and hosted by Veronica Hamel [3]

Her first independent documentary was Small Justice: Little Justice in America's Family Courts [4] on the subject of child and family courts. Her second feature-length documentary No Way Out But One tells the story of Holly Collins, the first American to be granted asylum by the government of the Netherlands as a result of domestic violence.[5][6] "No Way Out But One" won the Distinguished Service Award for Excellence in the Media from IVAT,[7] an Accolade Award of Excellence [8] and a Telly Award,[9] and an Indie Award of Merit.[10]

Waller appears in the documentary film Seeking Happily Ever After,[11] is a public speaker on the subject of domestic violence. She has presented to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence,[12] the Battered Mothers Custody Conference,[13] the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers,[14] the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood Summit[15] and The Domestic Violence and Child Custody Forum in New Jersey.[16] She is the co-author of "Drawing Angels Near", a children's book,[17] contributed an essay to "Disorder in the Courts" [18] and a chapter titled: "The Yuck Factor, The Oprah Factor, and the ‘Stickness’ Factor Why the Mainstream Media Hasn’t Covered Family Court Injustice" for the reference book Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody: Legal Strategies and Policy Issues.[19]

She received her BS from the University of Virginia and her MS from Boston University.[1]