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Garo Mardirossian
Born Garo Mardirossian
1956 (age 61–62)
Aleppo, Syria
Nationality Armenian-American
Alma mater B.A. Economics, University of California, Los Angeles;
J.D., Whittier Law School
Occupation Attorney, judge pro tem, arbitrator
Years active 1981-present
Employer Mardirossian & Associates Inc. (formerly known as Law Offices of Garo Mardirossian)

Garo Mardirossian (born 1956)[1][2][note 1] is a prominent Armenian-American lawyer practicing in Los Angeles who was born in Syria.[1] Mardirossian has had significant law cases involving personal injury, civil rights, complex litigation, product liability, and constitutional law. Several of the cases he has been involved in have brought national and international attention, including the Dole bridal shower[1] and Thomas beating cases by different police agencies. The Dole Family case involved many victims, including the television celebrity female wrestler known as Mt. Fiji (Emily Dole),[3][4][note 2] and resulted in the highest monetary jury award against a policing agency in U.S. history.[1][2][note 3]

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  1. ^ The 1995 American Lawyer and Los Angeles Daily Journal articles, amongst others at the time, note Mardirossian's age at 39 at the time of the Dole verdict.
  2. ^ Emily Dole professionally in wrestling is known as Mountain Fiji, sometimes abbreviated incorrectly in publications as Mt. Fiji rather than Mtn. Fiji. Geographically the term can refer playfully to Mount Tomanivi on Fiji.
  3. ^ The legal case involved 36 plaintiffs, including the taking of the depositions of Sheriff Sherman Block and over 50 deputies. The final judgement by jury verdict that was paid with interest was $24,850,000.


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