Gary Starkweather

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Gary Starkweather
Gary Starkweather.jpg
Gary Starkweather in his office at Microsoft Research in 2009
Born (1938-01-09) January 9, 1938 (age 81)
Engineering career
InstitutionsXerox Webster Research Center
Practice nameXerox PARC
Employer(s)Apple Computer
ProjectsInvention of the laser printer and color management
AwardsDavid Richardson Medal

Gary Keith Starkweather (born January 9, 1938) is an American engineer and inventor most notable for the invention of the laser printer and color management.

Starkweather received a B.S. in physics from Michigan State University in 1960 and an M.S. in optics from the University of Rochester in 1966. In 1969, Starkweather invented the laser printer at the Xerox Webster Research Center. He collaborated on the first fully functional laser printing system at Xerox PARC in 1971.[1][2][3]

At Apple Computer in the 1990s, Starkweather invented color management technology,[4] and led the development of Colorsync 1.0. In 1991 he was awarded the David Richardson Medal.[5] Starkweather joined Microsoft Research in 1997, where he worked on display technology.[6]

In 2004, he was elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering.[7]


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