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Gasser can mean:

  • Gasser (manga), a fictional character also known as Heppokomaru
  • Gasser (car), a certain style of hot rod
  • Hungarian or Montenegrin Gasser pistols, e.g.: M1870 Gasser
  • Someone who or something that gasses in its various meanings
  • Someone with red hair or who has bleached and straightened his hair to an orange reddish tint using gasoline.
    • Used in the 1940 novel Native Son by Richard Wright and Durango Street (1976) by Frank Bonham
  • Something exciting or exotic.
    • In the movie trailer for Pal Joey (1957), Frank Sinatra refers to the red haired Rita Hayworth as a "gasser". He also refers to the film itself as "a real gasser!"
    • In the movie The Nutty Professor (1963), the dean of the university that Jerry Lewis' character teaches at, says about the formula: "that's right kids, it's a gasser!"


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