Gaston Gérard Chicken

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Gaston Gérard Chicken
Poulet Gaston Gérard.jpg
Gaston Gérard Chicken
TypeFrench Cuisine
CourseMain course
Place of originFrance
Region or stateBurgundy
Created byReine Geneviève Bourgogne
Mrs. Gaston Gérard
Serving temperatureWarm
Main ingredientschicken, White Burgundy wine, lardons, grated cheese, mustard and cream

Gaston Gérard chicken is a typical Burgundian dish.


This recipe was created for the first time in 1930 by the wife of the Mayor of Dijon, Gaston Gérard, for the French gastronomist, humorist and food critic Curnonsky.[1]Bresse chicken is most often used.


Reine Geneviève Bourgogne, first wife of the Mayor of Dijon, was preparing a chicken in her usual way for the "prince of gastronomists". There was a serious incident in the kitchen which almost compromised the meal and the reputation of the hostess as a good cook. What incident? An accident, rather, as a jar of mustard (some say a box of paprika, but that spice is not in the recipe) fell into the casserole dish and spread out over the poultry as it cooked. The two cooks reflected and found a way out. Unable to get the condiment out, they added Burgundy white wine, crème fraîche and grated comté. This mixture pleased the famous gastronomic critic. He congratulated the mistress of the house for this recipe which he found strongly to his taste, and named it after his host.[2] It is also known as Chicken Dijon.

Ingredients and preparation[edit]

The chicken is first browned in oil or butter, then left to cook. The sauce is made with the cooking juice, grated cheese, white wine from Burgundy, mustard, and cream. It is served slightly browned and paired with a white wine.

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