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A gate is an opening in a wall or fence fitted with a moveable barrier allowing it to be closed.

Gate or GATE may also refer to:

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  • Gate (transistor), terminal of a field effect transistor
  • Logic gate, a functional building block in digital logic such as "and", "or", or "not"
  • Metal gate, the gate material in a MOSFET transistor
  • Noise gate, a high-quality audio squelch control for reducing noise
  • Range gate, the area encompassed by one pixel of radar data


  • Gate, a rowing term for the hinged bar that prevents the oar from coming out
  • Gate, a sprue molding channel which carries molten metal into a mold
  • Gate, a sprung safety latch on a carabiner
  • Gate, a sprung safety latch on a lifting hook


  • Gate (hydraulic engineering), a movable structure used to control the flow of fluid in a pipe or channel
  • Gate (water transport), the watertight door that seals off a chamber of a lock
  • Floodgate, an adjustable gate used to control water flow in flood barriers, lake, river, stream, or levee systems
  • Gate valve, a valve that opens by lifting a wedge out of the path of the fluid

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Scandals and conspiracy theories[edit]

  • "-gate", common suffix for a public scandal (see List of scandals with "-gate" suffix) and for conspiracy theories, such as:
    • Gategate, a scandal in the United Kingdom involving the Government Chief Whip, the police, and a gate
    • Pizzagate conspiracy theory, a debunked conspiracy theory that went viral during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle
    • "Sharpie gate" or "Sharpiegate", a Twitter hashtag referencing President Donald J. Trump's September 4, 2019 display of a weather map of Hurricane Dorian's path, that had been modified using a Sharpie marker
    • Telegramgate, a 2019 scandal involving Puerto Rico's governor Ricardo Rossello
    • Watergate scandal, a United States scandal that lasted from that lasted from 1972 to 1974, which led to the use of the suffix "-gate" for other scandals

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