Gatter Mountains

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Gatter Mountains
View from Sankt Wolfgang hamlet of Burdberg looking northwest
Highest point
Peak Unnamed kuppe near the Sankt Wolfgang hamlet of Schedenberg
Elevation 618 m above NHN
Coordinates 48°14′01″N 12°12′23″E / 48.23361°N 12.20639°E / 48.23361; 12.20639Coordinates: 48°14′01″N 12°12′23″E / 48.23361°N 12.20639°E / 48.23361; 12.20639
Gatter Mountains is located in Bavaria
Gatter Mountains
Gatter Mountains
State Counties of Erding and Mühldorf am Inn; Bavaria (Germany)
Parent range Isar-Inn Gravel Beds

The Gatter Mountains (German: Gattergebirge) are a large, hill range up to about 618 m above sea level (NHN)[1] and just under 50 km² in area[1] in the province of Upper Bavaria in Germany. They lie near the town of Sankt Wolfgang in the counties of Erding and Mühldorf am Inn.

The German names, Gattergebirge and Gatterberg(e) are often seen colloquially as interchangeable. With height differences of no more than around 160 metres, the landscape does not really appear mountainous, but more like a prominent range of hills made from terminal moraines. They are known in Sankt Wolfgang as "the Tuscany of Upper Bavaria".

Southeastern foothills of the Gatter Mountains near Oberornau