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For the Southern Indians caste, see Goud.

The Gauda Brahmins comprise one of the five sub-divisions of Panch-Gauda, i.e., "fivefold Jati of Gauda Brahmins".


At present the chief branches of Gauḍa brahmins are:

  • Aadi-Gauḍa
  • Des Wali Gauḍa (in Madhyadeś).
  • Pachade Gauḍa (western Gauḍa brahmins).
  • Sri Gauḍa (originally from Kashmir, now in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Malwa(MP)).

Other minor branches of the Gauḍa are :

  • Parik (from Parasara).
  • Dayama/Dadheech brahmins (from Dadhica).
  • Baḍe Prabhava Wale (from Gautama).
  • Khaṇḍelwala (from Kharika).
  • Sarsvata (from Sara, distinct from the Sarasvata brahmins).
  • Sukuwal (from Sukumarga).

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