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Gauche may refer to:

  • Literal left-hand-referenced relative direction:
    • A style of Western fencing using the main-gauche, i.e. the parrying dagger, normally held in the left hand
    • Rive Gauche, on the southern (i.e., left, when facing down the direction of flow) bank of the Seine in Paris, France
  • Stereochemistry:
    • Gauche conformation, a torsion angle of ±60° in alkane stereochemistry
    • Gauche effect, a characterization in which the gauche rotamer which is more stable than the anti rotamer
  • Gauche (Scheme implementation), an implementation of the Scheme programming language
  • "Gauche the Cellist", short story by Kenji Miyazawa about the eponymous hypothetical cellist

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