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Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited is a dairy products co-operative in Canada producing butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, whipped cream and lactose free milk for retail, foodservice, industrial and export markets. Gay Lea also produces a new[citation needed] product called "Spreadables", which is a spreadable butter, made as a canola oil and butter blend, that tastes like butter but is spreadable directly out of the fridge.

Founded in 1958 as United Dairy and Poultry Co-operative Limited and later renamed for the brand name of its highly respected[by whom?], market-leading[citation needed] products, Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited is based in Mississauga, Ontario and owned and operated by Ontario milk producers, currently representing approximately thirty-five per cent of all Ontario dairy farms.[citation needed]


  • Mississauga, Ontario - Head Office.
  • Weston, Ontario - Main distribution centre and cultured products plant.
  • Weston, Ontario - UHT pasteurized milk and cream processing plant.
  • Guelph, Ontario - Milk powder processing plant, creamery, spreadable butter and aerosol whipped topping operations.
  • Teeswater, Ontario - Milk and cream collection plant,Milk powder processing creamery and retail outlet.
  • Ivanhoe, Ontario - Traditional Canadian cheeses for both retail and ingredients applications. Ivanhoe also has a retail outlet.
  • Hamilton, Ontario - Salerno Cheese - combined with a retail outlet and fine, traditional Italian Cheeses.
  • Hagersville, Ontario - Organic Dairy and goat milk products - combined with the famous Dairy Bar


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