Geir Isene

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Geir Isene
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Born(1966-10-23)October 23, 1966

Geir Isene (born October 23, 1966) is a Norwegian writer,[1] business consultant,[2] coach and critic of the Church of Scientology .

Isene left the Church of Scientology in 2009 after having been a member for 25 years.[3] His turning point came in 2006, shortly after having reached the uppermost spiritual level within the church, Operating Thetan (OT) 8, when he met the leader, David Miscavige.[4]

He released the autobiography, 1984, My journey into the deepest secrets of Scientology - and getting out again (Norwegian: Nittenåttifire, Min vei inn i Scientologiens innerste hemmeligheter - og ut igjen) on September 18, 2013, where he reveals details about the secret OT levels.[5] Isene is the only person having reached OT 8 who has released a book detailing his journey into and out of Scientology.[citation needed]

Isene is known as an Open Source advocate,[6] a public speaker, coach and blogger.[7]


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